Welcome to “Places”. You have found the page where I write about nice and secret places in New Zealand. So, whenever you come to New Zealand and you want to go to beautiful hidden spots to find astonishing scenery or great adventure, this is the list to look at. This chapter will be in english only.

Clifden Limestone Caves – Clifden Gorge Road – 12 KM north of Tuatapere

This cave is a great place for an adventure in the dark. The cave is a few hundred metres long and you actually have to crawl or squeeze through tiny gaps. After rain you will find a few puddles, I had to wade through one-metre-deep water when I was there. You will find the exit after 40 – 50 minutes and you would have passed at least three or four huge rooms by then. At the end of the walk, instead of climbing up the five metre ladder towards the exit, you can also turn right and climb up a step, where you will find a seven metre drop. Take your torch and look down there – you will see a underground river flushing through the rocks. To carry on this way you need experience and a few ropes though.


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